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Author & Friends

My name is Jeff. I believe everybody comes to a point in their career when they question “Can I use my talents to do something different?” I come from a long line of great storytellers. Some of my fondest memories are of my grandfather and uncles telling animated tales of adventures in far-off lands – and sometimes wild stories from our own holidays, the lake house, and the “jungles” behind the house. They were always heroes and villains, friends and foes, setbacks and treasures. But there was always lessons to be learned. I carried that tradition of entertaining stories on with my own children.

So, at a seminal moment in my life I decided to write my own story. I believe that, like me, there are children who crave to hear of adventures of courage, loyalty, and true heart. The adventurous stories with meaningful messages that tell of compassion and long-lasting friendships through both ups and downs. I wanted to write stories that demonstrate the honor of a handshake, the commitment of truth, and the freedom of forgiveness. These stories represent a much larger lesson in life, which is taking the negative and using it for something positive. Refusing to be captive to the negative or captivated by anger or hate is a powerful and inspiring example to others. Learning at a young age to own your decisions and be accountable for your actions is an important life skill – so is surrounding yourself with people who will help you do that every day. That is how we become our best.

My writings come from a life lived learning. Mentors, friends, and experiences around the world have all contributed to my deepest held beliefs and earnest journey to bring happiness and joy to others. You are invited to join The Adventures of Tweet D. He and his friends will rekindle the child within you and inspire a child to be a true friend.

Jeffrey C James is a published author, motivational speaker, and creative technologist. His award-winning work has helped establish trends for multi-screen apps, digital brand building, creative development, and marketing. His entrepreneurial spirit and outspoken vision have been instrumental in the development and growth of numerous corporate and non-profit ventures. He contributes his continued success to his life partner, Joni Baker, who is credited with inspiring, supporting, and loving the Adventures of Tweet D.

Kristin Baker is a writer, streamer, and gamer who has incontrovertibly helped bring Tweet D to life. Her imagination and creativity provided depth to the characters as storylines developed and the character theme took shape. With help from her best friend Banks, her fierce pursuit of perfection has been a driving force behind the lovable forest friends.

Ashley and Ryan Mathis have been ongoing supporters of this project since the story began. Their friendship and distinguished principles in this “chapter of life” are forever memorialized in our hearts. For that, we are grateful.